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FootGolf @ McDaniel College, Official Grand Opening, July 26, 2015, time - TBA.  The footgolf course is now open!

A FootGolf Tournament is planned for Welcome Week, on Thursday, August 27, 2015, at 4:30 pm.  More details coming soon!

Create your FootGolf club team and participate in club footgolf tournaments and games throughout the fall semester.  Go to for details about the National College FootGolf Association.





Fall semester Intramural Sports:

  • Basketball 4 vs. 4 - Seasn Completed!
  • Floor Hockey - Season Completed!
  • Swim Challenge -
  • Flag Football - Season Completed!
  • Soccer - Season Completed!
  • Golf Tournament - 
  • Volleyball Tournament - 
  • 3 vs 3 Basketball Tourney -

Spring semester Intramural Sports:




2014/2015 Intramural League Champions

  • Golf Tournament:      
  • VBall Tournament:   
  • BBall Tournament:  
  • Flag Football:        Lacrosse
  • Coed Football:      Double Phi
  • Men Soccer:          McDaniel All-Stars
  • Coed Soccer:         Aisha/Katie                  
  • Men's BB               Dream Team
  • Coed BB              
  • M Floor Hockey:     Baseball
  • Coed Floor Hockey:    Danny Snight
  • Badminton W Singles: 
  • Badminton M Singles: 
  • Badminton Doubles:            
  • Men's BB:           
  • Coed BB:           
  • Indoor Soccer Men: 
  • Indoor Soccer Coed: 
  • Men's Softball:  
  • Men's VB:                   
  • Coed VB:              
  • Women's VB:                
  • Golf Tournament:       

Archive - Results from previous year

Intramural Sports

The McDaniel College Intramural Sports Program attracts over one-third of the student body throughout the school year for a wide range of recreational and competitive opportunities. Eleven different sports with male, female and coed divisions are available in the Fall and Spring semesters. Employment opportunities are also available for students with work study eligibility, allowing Green Terror undergraduates to gain experience in recreational and athletics administration.

If you have any questions contact Scott Singleton:




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