Stettinius finishes 25th in modern pentathlon

Stettinius finishes 25th in modern pentathlon

Suzanne Stettinius is a 2011 graduate of McDaniel College, where she was a member of the Green Terror swim team. On Sunday, Aug. 12, she competed as part of the US Olympic team in the modern pentathlon. The modern pentathlon consisted of fencing, swimming, riding and a combined running and shooting event. 

Complete results of the event can be found here:

Stettinius opened her day with an 11-24 showing in fencing, competing against each of the other 35 members of the field. She ranked 32nd overall with 664 points.

The day continued in the pool, where she completed the 200-meter freestyle swim in a time of 2:22.29, yielding her 1096 points and a 27th-place showing. 

On the equestrian course, she had just four knockdowns to finish with 1120 points and finish 20th overall - her best individual showing of the day.

In the final event, she earned 1952 points finishing 1:36.84 behind the winner of the combined.

She finished the day with 4832 points.