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Track star has sights set on career in international marketing

Track star has sights set on career in international marketing

The inspiration for Fonati Quinn’s academic major came from the most unlikely of sources – a beauty pageant.

Quinn’s mother happened to own this particular pageant and recruited Fonati and his brother to help. While there, he was introduced to the extensive field of marketing.

Now a freshman at McDaniel, Quinn would not only like to pursue the field of marketing, but his greatest wish is to self-design his own International Marketing major – with a minor in either Communication or a foreign language.

“I’m not much of a salesman,” he said. “But I’m very interested in foreign economies and discovering what strategies work in different cultures.”

Quinn’s freshman year has been highlighted with many different aspects of college life, including his time on the soccer team and his success on the outdoor track and field team this spring. He has been named male athlete of the week twice and has contributed in each meet in sprints and jumps.

He is a self-proclaimed city boy, road-tripping to New York often with his friends to visit restaurants and nightclubs. Quinn thrives on the fast pace, diversity and meeting people from all parts of the globe, he said. Still, he chose McDaniel because of the location – he loves the hills and trees and taking long walks around town.

“It’s such a nice comforting feel, you can actually talk to the teachers,” he said.

Another thing Quinn is thankful for at McDaniel is the study-abroad opportunities. He wants to travel as much as he can, and hopefully continue to travel in his profession. At the top of his list is Liberia, his mother’s homeland. Also on his travel short list is Japan because he says, “it’s like New York but a different culture.” Then, he’d like to visit Monaco for the beaches and beautiful homes and England for the soccer.

Quinn has lived in many different states, from New York to Georgia, from Minnesota to Maryland. By the time he reached high school his family had settled down in Gaithersburg, Md., where Quinn attended Richard Montgomery High School.

--Via News@McDaniel, 5/3/2011