Wrestlers taking down cancer

Wrestlers taking down cancer

McDaniel College Wrestlers are teaming up with The American Cancer Society to "Take Down Cancer." The Green Terror wrestlers are taking pledges through December 31, 2009. Each wrestler will wear shoe laces that symbolize Cancer Awareness in relation to a specific type of cancer. Wrestlers will wear laces representing five different types of cancer. They will be pink (breast), purple (pancreatic), light blue (prostate), gold (childhood) and orange (leukemia/skin).

Wrestlers are looking for sponsors to pledge a specific dollar amount per individual win that the wrestler achieves during the months of January and February. For example, if you pledge $5 per win, and your wrestler achieves 15 victories, you have pledged $75.  Wrestlers are also accepting set donations.  For example, you can pledge $100 and it won't change based on the number of victories your wrestler achieves.

The McDaniel wrestling program appreciates your support as we try to do our small part in fighting this deadly disease. 

Checks can be made payable to:

McDaniel College Wrestling

Please write "Taking Down Cancer" in the memo.

*All donations are tax deductible

For more information or to donate, you may contact any wrestler individually or head coach Davey Blake at mcdanielwrestling@yahoo.com.