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Overcoming Tragedy

Greg Scarborough (c) 2019 David Sinclair/McDaniel College
Greg Scarborough (c) 2019 David Sinclair/McDaniel College

College is a big transition for almost anyone but especially athletes. Athletes have that extra responsibility in college to perform at the collegiate level. They must maintain their grades, their athleticism, and their own mental health.  

Greg Scarborough Jr, a freshman on the men's basketball team, has been playing since he was five years old. His biggest influence is his father Greg Scarborough, however; Scarborough lost his father in 2018 – right before moving to college. The biggest transition for Scarborough was not only entering his first year of college but also losing his best friend, his father, and his coach.  

"My whole family played basketball. My dad introduced me to the sport," Scarborough said.

With just one year of experience in college, Scarborough has big hopes for his next few years on the Hill. He uses his family to motivate him through just about anything. He said that his father pushed him to become a competitive player.  

His motivation to get better was always inspired by his father. 

"It was funny. My dad was convinced he could beat me on the court."

Scarborough not only had to worry about his physical health for basketball but also his own mental health. It's never easy losing a parent, especially one who has trained you to become the person – and player – you are today.  

Ryan Germano, assistant coach, said "Greg did a tremendous job getting better throughout the year. We expected a lot out of him, and he stepped up. He is one of our most competitive freshmen." 

Without a doubt one of Scarborough's biggest goals next year is to make postseason and continuing to make his father proud.  

This past season was a test for all the players on the court. The Green Terror fell short by just a few points many times. Those were the toughest games to lose but he always thought of his father. The team ended with a record of 7-18. Their record doesn't speak for their drive to get better. They have a lot to prove next year.  

"My father always told me that sometimes things were not always going to happen in my favor and to keep pushing through those things."   

Even when the team felt down, Greg still had hope to finish strong. The team ended with a strong win against a playoff team in Washington College. Those are the games that will motivate the team to become stronger next season. Scarborough has a lot in store for next season and plans to earn more court time.  

Germano has big hopes for their team next year. With a young team and a promising recruiting class he expects nothing but success in the next few years.   

"Their performance and drive in this off season are going to place us over teams in the conference come next season." 

Scarborough said it was a hard transition from high school to college, as it is for many players. In high school, he was the best player on the court.  

Now he understands that college is the competition he needs to get better. Everyone on the team wants to compete and earn playing time. His biggest hope for next year is to earn that court time and make his dad proud.  

"It was so nice, we played together often. My dad told me basketball is my way out for everything."  

Scarborough relied on his family, coaches, and teammates in season and they stepped up. His teammates always made sure he was feeling good about himself or as Scarborough would say: "My teammates were always hyping me up. I know that I can rely on my men."  

Germano mentioned, "We were aware of the loss of his father. We had a lot of meetings to make sure he was okay mentally. If anyone knows Greg personally, you know him for his positive mentality. He is going to be a big-time player for us." 

Parents are our biggest influences. Parents are the ones who motivate us to succeed in everything that we do. Scarborough hopes to become just like his father one day. 

Basketball is a gift that created the impactful bond that Scarborough and his father shared. Now, Scarborough has a guardian angel to guide him through the challenges and success that college basketball will present to him.  

Scarborough has an incredible image for the team. He plans to continue to work extremely hard this off season to make a lasting impact for the program. The team has a lot in store for the next few years and without a doubt playoff is their biggest goal. The team works well off one another. Their positivity on and off the court is going to change the culture for the team and hopefully bring home a ring next season.  

 "I told my dad that I wanted to play in college. He put the ball in my hands and that's where it's going to stay."

- Emma Lorenzen '21, McDaniel College Office of Athetics Communications Journalism Intern

Overcoming Tragedy
March 12, 2019 Overcoming Tragedy
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